The SIS investigates spaces in all its forms and implications. It is a temporary autonomous platform for reflections ranging from commentary and analysis to current spatial realities and production process. Using the tools of the geographer, the urban planner, the architect or the designer, we create new grounds for research, blurring the boundaries between science and politics, art and architecture. Through field observation, analysis or physical construction we dig in the spaces created by our popular culture and contemporary society to reveal new meanings. Public or intimate, permanent or temporary, material or virtual, we are interested as much in the physical quality of space as in its social and political outcomes. By questioning preconceived notions and searching for new strategies, we aim to dismantle the syntax of contemporary urban spaces and expand the definition of architecture.

The two-year program proposes an alternative take on the academic field of interior architecture, exceeding the boundaries of its traditional curriculum. The interdisciplinary environment of the SIS is a platform for debate, opening up new terrains and allowing for the development of independent practice. Here exploration fuses with reflection; design is an instrument of research, research is an instrument of discovery. We provide the tools for inquisitional investigation and for the production of the contemporary space, the one that receive full face the darkness beam of our present times. Design methodologies focus on urban investigations and building process, promoting hands on approach and DIY culture as a mean of emancipation, celebrating craftsmanship and the immediacy of space making.