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    “For long, for years, essentially, I played with the idea to organise the space of life – bios – in a map.”
    Walter Benjamin

    In a series of monthly seminars, we will approach theory as a practice in its own right and raise the question what it might mean to do so. Each of the seminars offers an introduction to the work and practice of a single thinker by taking a particular text as its point of departure. The readings of the first term will start from a focus on ‘biography’ and the relation between life and writing that is implied in this word. In these first seminars we will read texts by a variety of authors, including Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, Helène Cixous and Roland Barthes. In reading these texts, we will not only try to come to terms with the particular problems they address, but attempt to consider them as models, reflecting a practice of writing and thinking in abbreviated form.

    with Tom Vandeputte